Verizon's is claming Physical Damage which is a false, Help please
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I've been having constant issues with my phone. Even though I baby it, always have it in a case and take care of it... my pixel stopped working. I pay for the version extended warranty and protection. Great? Not really.... b/c Verizon kept sending me defective refurbished phones. I've had my phone replaced a total of 4 times.

However, the final time... the phone got in a boot lock mode after only having it for about 2 months. They sent me the replacement and I shipped the old refurbished device back. Then I see my bill shoot up! Verizon is charging me $299 and claiming the phone I sent back was damaged!!!

"The charging port, upon inspection, failed to meet this standard."

This is completely false and fraud claim!! I sent the phone back exactly how I got it. I had it for less then 2 months!! Mind you, this was July of this year 2020 and the phone we're talking about is a refurbished pixel 1!!! The phone is not even worth $99.

All Verizon said was "This charge cannot be reversed". 

I feel taken advantage off. This is completely nonsense. I've been with Version for nearly 20 years and have never encountered this.  I've had so many issues with the broken phones they sent me I'm ready to move on to be honest and switch to anyone else.

Has anyone had to deal something like this? What are my options? File a complaint to the BBB and small claims court? I was just to close out my bill but I'm not paying the $299, and leave Verizon.

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