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My Verizon voicemail on my Google I phone has not worked since I got the p hone over a year ago. When I see I have a voicemail message, the app tells me it is not working and I am to dial 800-922-0204 and report Error 9004. What I keep getting is a Spanish message with no way to change to English ! I have spoken to Cust Serv twice, at length, with no resolution at all. The Verizon app does not notify me of any voicemails at all and I have to physically look for voicemails.

My *86 access to voicemail works fine.

Anyone have an answer.???



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Re: Verizon voicemail app
Verizon Employee

I rely on my voicemail to work properly at all times and definitely want you to have a working voicemail, WTSALESINC. We're disappointed to learn this has been happening for so long and would like to get this corrected. Let's take a closer look into this. To access Visual Voicemail, you would need a cellular data connection. Please ensure Wi-Fi is off and cellular data is on. Please also ensure call forwarding is not set up, Turn Call Forwarding Off from the Device | Verizon Wireless.​ Test out the voicemail app again and let us know what happens. 


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