Voicemail Setup - Invalid Number - Pixel 3

I just wanted to leave a quick note out here in case anyone else runs into the same issue.

I tried to enter voicemail for the first time on my new phone and was asked if I wanted to set up Visual Voicemail. I answered 'No Thanks' since I just wanted a basic usage and feel. However, the voicemail then tries to take you through a setup which asks three questions which cannot be changed. After messing with this for a while, thinking I must be missing something, I tried to enter Voicemail directly by typing *86. When I entered, I was asked for my phone number and password which I provided, but was then told that my voicemail box was invalid. I then tried to search on this and call in for assistance. I was redirected to an automated chat, which then transferred to a person, I think. That person reset my password after a few minutes of typing. I tried to enter again and was told the same thing. Invalid Mailbox. I then tried searching the forums, which is a bunch of back and forth discussions that end in 'I sent you a DM, so go look at that', which doesn't help other users AT ALL when you are searching for solutions to a similar problem. So now I have to ask the same question and hope someone DMs me?  No thanks.

Finally, after all of this, I tried selecting the option of setting up the Visual Voicemail. This immediately took me through the pin set up and I was able to get to my voicemail in 10 seconds. WHAT?? Why even give the option of not setting this up ('No Thanks') if it's not going to work?? I spent way too much time on this and am completely frustrated after switching carriers and buying all new phones, which cost a small fortune. This has been a huge waste of my time and I hope no one else has to go through this.

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