What happened Verizon?

I've been a loyal Verizon customer for 13+ years.    I've willingly paid a premium all these years for what used to be better customer service.   I have one smart phone and two flip phones used by my elderly parents.   After running out of data (again), I decided to look into Unlimited plans.  For some reason, the data does not "roll over" month to month on my account.  My Verizon bill is well over $150 per month for ONE smart phone.    I called the 800# and waited on hold for a couple of minutes only to reach Ramona, who was short and rude to me.    She sighed after each question I asked as if I were inconveniencing her.    When I mentioned that a competitor is offering $175 gift cards to switch, she said that Verizon was offering $650 - but only to NEW customers.     In the end, she was not really able to save me any money on my Verizon bill, but her rudeness was the last straw I needed to push me to another wireless provider.   It will be an inconvenience to switch, but hopefully I will find another provider that I can stick with for many years.

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Customer Service Rep

Hello STEVE30093, we truly appreciate your loyalty, and we'd hate to lose you as a customer. We are very concerned to learn about your recent experience with our customer service, and we'd love a chance to turn it around. Please give us the best number to reach you and time frames you're available (with time zone) to better assist.