What is the deal with the Pixel

   I ordered a Pixel Xl 128 on 11/02/16 from Verizon and had a estimated ship date of 12/09/16. My wife is getting my S7 and I have made Christmas purchases based on her switching her to Android. On 12/09/16 I checked the status of the order and saw that it was changed from 12/09/16 to 01/13/16. I was not happy to say the least. I went to to order one as if it was a new order and received the same ship date. I called Verizon and they offered to cancel the order and said it was not there fault it was Samsung’s for having the defective phone. I think it is lousy that Verizon did not properly update customers on the status. How can a new order have the same delivery date of a 5 week old order. I think Verizon is misleading there customers.

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