Why Is My Pixel Having So Many Issues?

I recently bought a Google pixel in December and its already having issues with the in call speakers and mics.  It was not cheap and i expected it to last MUCH longer than this so id like to know if there is any kind of replacement process or anything?

My Google Pixel is having issues with the speaker and microphone when i attempt to call someone i cant hear them and they cant hear me.  Please let me know what my options are here.  The phone was purchased nit even 4 months ago through a Verizon stand at costco.  Im thinking they may have the far superior warranty options so i will contact them as well but figured id give this a shot.

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Re: Why Is My Pixel Having So Many Issues?
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If your issue hasn't been solved yet, I'd say your best bet would be taking it back to Costco for a warrant exchange.