Why am I getting constant popup ads after Android 9.0 update?

Ever since my Pixel XL updated to Android 9.0 I'm constantly getting popup ads.  They occur randomly and I haven't installed any new apps in more than a month. 

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Re: Why am I getting constant popup ads after Android 9.0 update?
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Ensuring that your Pixel XL works without having ads continuously pop up is essential, and you've come to the right place for assistance. Thanks for those extra details about your application activity as of late as well, since it helps us get to the bottom of this. Let's keep digging into this matter for you. First, when are the ads populating? Do you notice any common traits for when they pop up (only in a web browser, certain applications, games, etc.)? Are you seeing a correlation to the ads with certain activity you perform on the phone (shopping related, automotive, sports, etc.)?

Also, to see if this is specific to Google, I'd like to have you try this quick step. Please navigate to Settings>Google>Ads, and then you can adjust the ads settings within there. Let me how this works out for you.

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