Why won't Pixel 2 calendar notifications work?
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I've had three Google Pixel 2s in the last 10 months. The calendar notifications randomly won't work. I have a daily recurring event, with reminders scheduled, and every now and then, the reminder does not go off. I had a one-time event scheduled for yesterday with a reminder scheduled for 10 minutes before the meeting. The notification didn't go off until 17 minutes after the meeting started.

I called Verizon, and Lexi in the Tech Department told me "you need to set reminders to have them go off." When I told her I have reminders set, she said there was nothing else Verizon could do.

Is this really something Verizon won't help fix?

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Re: Why won't Pixel 2 calendar notifications work?
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Amiles3, we never want you to miss any important event, and we are in the best disposition to help. Please tell us more, when did this issue start? Aside from making sure that you have reminders set, have you done any troubleshooting? If so, what have you done?

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