WiFi Calling - Verizon's forced "Prefer Mobile" setting causes calls over horrible cell signal
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As many, many other people have already pointed out, Verizon has chosen to force a "Prefer Mobile" WiFi setting upon their customers, while other carriers allow the customer to choose. As a result, when there is even a bad (one bar) cellular signal, the phone will NOT use WiFi calling.

I don't want Verizon's technical support to ask me silly questions like "Did you update your phone", "Did you install any programs", etc. This post serves to inform other customers that Verizon has chosen to remove this option, and until Verizon chooses to listen to their customers, WiFi calling will be generally useless (perhaps by design).

In the past, customers have had to use Developer Options to hack into their phones through a command console and manually set this option, as per https://www.xda-developers.com/enable-preferred-wifi-calling-option-verizon-pixel-pixel-xl/

I will try this. In the meantime, you can set Airplane Mode and then enable Wifi.

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