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Recently I noticed something. I will be using my phone and I see the source jump from Versizon to LTE to Verizon to LTE. I am in my home using a Verizon router and I am using a Verizon phone. Near the end of the month I see the notification, "you have reached your limit and have just been charged $15 dollars for 250mb of service ". I have been with Verizon for a decade. I occasionally went over however, since getting my Pixel 3 ... This is happening more often,... like every month.

Has my usage changed or are they charging me for the failure of the phone to maintain connection to my WIFI router?

If the latter then it feels like someone is responsible, and that someone is not me...and I would guess that someone isn't the likely several other users experiencing a "minor" loss in service every so often leading to an extra $15 dollars a month.

Anyone else having a similar issue?



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Re: Wifi LTE
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Your post make no sense " Versizon to LTE to Verizon to LTE" what does that mean? And I'm not sure what a "Verizon router" is. Do you also have FiOS? If not who is your home ISP? Also 250 MB is not a lot of data. So going over would be easy. Also Pixels have security updates every month. Those can excede 100 MB by themselves. Also apps update all the time. Make sure you have apps to only update over wi-fi. If you watch videos on yur phone make sure they are set to work only when wi-fi is on. 


What plan are you on? Can you not turn on safety mode?

Re: Wifi LTE

if wi-fi tied to your service provider fails, you're using the network & not a verizon issue.