blue tooth issues

Hello just wondering if anyone has issues with their blue tooth connection. My car connects just fine. I get this annoying message on my phone that blue tooth keeps stopping and i can either close app,  go to app info or send feedback.  I have done all of these.  I have to restart my phone 4 times at least in one setting and then it still won't work. I went through all the trouble shooting advice and it still doesn't work.  I didn't do a factory setting, I was waiting  on that.  I will be using my blue tooth headphones (aftershockx) while out running and get the message dissconnected and sure enough it says blue tooth has stopped working.  The headphones work just fine, I don't think its them because I tried another pair too, so its something with the blue tooth. 

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Re: blue tooth issues
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Having a Bluetooth connection that works is a must! We'd be happy to lend a helping hand. To best assist, I would like to gather some information. What is the make & model of your phone? When did the issue first start? Is your software up to date?

Re: blue tooth issues
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When any of my phones (or my wife's or kid's) have had those kinds of Bluetooth issues this is what I normally do, and it usually resolves the issue.

Open Settings > Connected Devices > Forget each Bluetooth device (select the gear symbol and then Forget) > back to Settings > Apps & Notifications > See all apps > three dot menu > Show System > scroll down and tap Bluetooth > tap Storage & Cache > tap Clear Storage.  This will completely wipe out all connected Bluetooth devices and their saved settings.  Then delete your phone from the Bluetooth menu in your vehicle (each vehicle is different, but usually pretty simple to find the Delete / Clear / Forget Device option).  Restart your phone > start the Bluetooth pairing process fresh & clean > pay close attention to any prompts on the phone screen and vehicle screen, sometimes options appear requesting certain permissions and they must be selected for Bluetooth to work correctly.

Hope that helps.