carrier unlock phoone

hello so i bought a unlocked google pixiel 4a 5g from google them self. i got service with you guys and ended up getting your guys protection plan just to be safe. my screen ended up cracking so i used it. but i asked them if i would be getting a carrier locked or unlocked sense i my phone never belonged to you guys ever. i was told absolutely they can do that. i was going to trade my phone with a friend but he is on t-mobile and when we went to try it t-mobile said it was locked to verizon and they cant do anything. i have called customer support and tried to solve it they keep telling me 60 days after purchase it will  be unlocked but i never bout any phone from you i just had it replaced and was told it would of came unlocked just like my original phone  i payed for. its been almost a year now and my phone is still carrier locked. id love it if this issue can be fix. even if it took you guy sending me a actually unlocked phone sense verizon still wont unlock it even know they said it is.

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