Did I accept my contract to go get my phone?


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Hi there, jordan4. Congratulations on your new phone! I hope you are enjoying it so far. I'm right here to help answer your question, as I understand knowing the specifics to any purchase is important. I just want to make sure we're on the same page. Are you asking if you purchase a new phone will you be in a contract or are you asking if the phone you have already purchased is under contract?

With us, you can purchase your new phone one of two says. You can purchase your phone at full retail pricing or on the device payment program. If you purchased it at full retail pricing, that means you paid the phone in full & you are not in any contract agreement. On the device payment program, you purchase a phone at full retail pricing, but the payment of the device is spread over a 24-month period that you are in agreement to. Please take a look at #1 in this link If you are not sure if this is how you purchased your phone, then you can check via your My Verizon app. Please check out the steps by clicking here If you have a device payment on your device, then it will say "XX payments of $XX per month left" next to the image of your phone. You can also locate the device payment monthly charge on your bill. Please refer to "2. I just bought a new device with the device payment program. What will I see on my monthly bill?" in this link

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very possibly.