pixel 6 camera crashes

i've had a pixel 6 for a few months. my camera crashes 4 out of 5 times i try to use it. it causes my phone to reboot. i've done a factory reset and re-installed my apps and updates multiple times. today it crashed 4 times in a row. what can i do?

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Re: pixel 6 camera crashes
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Did you test the camera after the factory reset, before re-installing any apps? It might be an app that is causing the camera to crash and if that app was re-installed after the factory reset, the problem might have come right back. Reboot your phone into Safe Mode (instructions here). Safe Mode is a diagnostic tool to test the phone without any Play Store apps running. If the camera works in Safe Mode then it indicates an app from the Play Store is causing the problems. If the camera crashes in Safe Mode then it's probably a hardware problem and you might need to consider phone repair, or warranty replacement if that is an option.

Re: pixel 6 camera crashes
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The camera is one of the best parts of all Smartphones! I'm sorry to learn about what's happening, and I'm here to help. I saw a page at the Pixel's website with some steps. Please go to  Settings > Screen > Disable the Smooth Display. This link shows more: http://spr.ly/6604MaRsn Please give that a try, then open your camera a few times, and let us know if you have different results. Thanks!