please help, forgot unlock password to new google pixel phone
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switched to a new google pixel an hour ago, set unlock password but its not working, saying incorrect password. Have tried multiple options for caps, etc.. please help me reset password if possible. I dont want to reset phone to factory settings and lose my date. Please help a lost soul. Thank you! 🙂

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Re: please help, forgot unlock password to new google pixel phone
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We certainly would have hoped your experience with your new Pixel would have been a better one. There are a lot of passwords that we have to remember daily so it is understandable that something like this might happen every now and then. We will try all options with you as a factory reset is usually the last step as we don't have access to help you get into the phone without the pin. Does it give you an option to verify any additional information to unlock the device? Was it a numerical pin number or the pattern locks? Do you have access to your google account to make sure your device was backed up previously?


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