printing my contacts

I am logged on to on my laptop, my google pixel 3 xl is connected to my laptop but I am unable to see my contacts from my phone. Is there a way to display my contacts from my phone on my laptop so I can print them out? Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!

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Re: printing my contacts
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How were your contacts saved? Are they saved as Google contacts or local storage only? If they were saved as Google contacts (the best way to go in my opinion) then they will always sync between your phone and Google storage, so you can see them (and add & edit) from a computer when logged into your Google account. If they were saved as local only then I don't think you will "see" them from a computer in any usable format. The Contacts app does have an export function that will allow you to export the contacts as a .vcf file that you might be able to upload into a computer's contacts app. I think Verizon offers contact sync also with one of their backup apps, did you sync your contacts there?

Re: printing my contacts
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cdoohunter59, making sure you are aware of your options to view your device content from a computer is important. Let's review. Why are you looking to print your contacts? What type of back up assistance are you using on your device?