unable to receive texts

we recently switched to Verizon. I am unable to receive texts from certain numbers on my old phone with  the new number, but not all (including from verizon and google) . It doesn't appear to matter if the sender is using an Apple or Samsung or anything.

My husband received a new phone that we ported his number to and is receiving texts on his old phone still. We are unable to fix the problem by clearing the data, reinstalling the sim cards, making sure no numbers are blocked. 

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Re: unable to receive texts
Customer Service Rep

Congrats on your recent switch to Verizon and we welcome you to our family! Congrats to your husband on getting his new phone. Being able to receive texts messages from all phone numbers is essential and we're here to help. Based on the information you're sharing with our team here, you're participating in the port process by transferring your mobile numbers service to Verizon.  How long has it been since you've ported your service to Verizon?


Typically, our customers would receive an airtime free text message to their Verizon device once the port process has been completed, confirming that your mobile numbers are now in the Verizon system. During this process you'd still be able to use the old service provider phones to talk, text, and access the Internet. 


Once you've received confirmation from Verizon that the port process has ben completed, you'd then power the old phones off completely. Have you received confirmation from Verizon that the port has been completed? Please let us know so that we can continue working with you. Thanks! - RobertC_VZW