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Bad Customer Service - Really didn't want to leave Verizon

Here is what happens when you get a crap phone that you constantly have to exchange - I am on my third Palm Pre Plus since February.  As I'm sure you can understand, I don't want a fourth Pre Plus now that this one is malfunctioning too.  I got in touch with Verizon asking if there is any way I can do an early upgrade to a different phone if I extend my contract.  Now I didn't ask for anything free whatsoever even though I am on my third broken phone.  I was offered another phone by the same manufacturer, but a DOWNGRADE of my current phone.  Really?  That's all you can do for me?  It looks like I will have to switch to AT&T even though I've been happy with Verizon's coverage so far.  There's no way I'm going to take an even worse phone after I paid a lot for this one.  Really disappointed that they won't just let me buy a new one.  I'm so upset that I would rather pay the early termination fee and go elsewhere than buy a phone for full retail after having this one break three times. Just a warning to anyone thinking of going with Verizon.


Email exchange is below, edited to remove my personal info:


> -----Original Message-----

> Sent:      Thu Jul 22 03:22:06 CDT 2010
> To:
> Cc:        
> Subject:  Phone is Not Working
> Form Message

> Primary Subject: Phones and Accessories
> Secondary Subject: Phone is Not Working
> Message Body: Hello,
> I have had many problems with my Palm Pre Plus keyboard and it has
> recently started up again. In addition to this, I believe the phone
> to be malfunctioning because the battery life only goes for about
> two hours on standby even after having bought a new battery. This
> is my third malfunctioning replacement Palm phone, and I would like
> to get a completely different phone at this point having given it
> more than a fair chance. As before, I have tried hard resets, soft
> resets, and a new battery. I am not yet eligible for upgrade, but I
> cannot continue to use this phone. Is there any way to let me have
> an early upgrade if I extend my contract? Otherwise I may have to
> switch carriers and pay the termination fee - I simply can't work
> with a phone like this. Thank you.


Their response:

----- Original Message -----
Date: Friday, July 23, 2010 1:45 pm
Subject: RE: Phone is Not Working (WFM63301076)

> Dear *****,
> Good afternoon.  I am very sorry for the troubles you are having
> with your Palm Pre Plus.  I know how frustrating this can be.  My
> name is Laura and I did attempt to call you today to assist with
> reviewing your replacement options but I was unable to reach you.
>  I did leave you a voicemail message.  We certainly do not want to
> lose you as our valued customer.  I have reviewed your account and
> see you last upgraded to this handset on February 12, 2010.  I
> apologize but we are unable to authorize another upgrade at this
> time.  You may upgrade again with your Annual Upgrade program on
> February 12, 2011.  The discount you received on your Palm Pre Plus
> is based on the two-year contract agreement.  
> *****, as of now, I would like to offer to replace your current
> handset with a certified like-new different model of a handset.
>  With the features and options your handset has, the Palm Pixi Plus
> would be the replacement device we can offer since you are wanting
> something different.  If you would like for us to ship this to you,
> you may respond to this e-mail with your mailing address.  You may
> also call us directly at 1-800-922-0204 for assistance with
> processing this.
> We look forward to hearing from you very soon.
> I do thank you for your patience while we are getting a working
> handset for you.  I am confident we will get this resolved in a
> timely manner.  We appreciate your business and thank you for using
> Verizon Wireless.
> Sincerely,
> Laura
> Verizon Wireless
> Customer Service
> If you have received this e-mail in error or are not the intended
> recipient, please notify us immediately by replying to this e-mail
> and deleting it and all copies and backups thereof. If you are the
> intended recipient and are a Verizon Wireless customer, this
> response is subject to the terms of your Customer Agreement.


My response:


Thanks, but I don't think offering me a downgrade phone that is much less valuable and capable, and is the same brand that I have trouble with is very good customer service.  What is my early termination fee as of today? 

I would rather go to another carrier who cares about my issues and pay an early termination fee than stay with a company who doesn't and will charge me an exorbitant amount just to change from a phone that has been giving me issues through three handsets.  If I am going to drop $500 - $600 no matter what at this point, I'd really rather give my business to AT&T. 

I don't think it is too much to let me buy a new phone for an upgrade price as long as I extend my contract - that's really not doing me any favors but it is refused to me anyway for no good reason.  I will be posting this conversation on all related message boards just to let other prospective customers know how things are handled at Verizon.

Please just let me know what my early termination fee will be so I can work out my finances for the switch.



Re: Bad Customer Service - Really didn't want to leave Verizon

Sorry to hear that you want to leave, Mabye try a corperate store with a face to face rep before the hasty retreat from Verizon, Your not gonna get any better service from any other company. AT&T good luck with the call quality and droped calls or NO 3g service. Not to mention no more UNLIMITED data. Your gonna pay more for unlimited if thats what you want with AT&T. But to each their own

Re: Bad Customer Service - Really didn't want to leave Verizon

I'm a little confused. Doesn't this laura person feel they owe you one of their very best phones for free. Customer Service does not exist at verizon. So who is she. Get out while you can.

Re: Bad Customer Service - Really didn't want to leave Verizon
Sr. Member
Sr. Member

Hi, Steph. I would call again and talk to someone else. Although Verizon's policy is no longer that you automatically get to choose another phone after a few replacements, you may get lucky.


Granted, I've not had this unfortunate replacement problem you are having (admittedly, I would be furious), but I've always had good customer service from Verizon. In my honest opinion, I don't think you'll find AT&T's service is better. I have experience with it and it's a step down.


Can you make it until February, when you can use an early upgrade? There may be some exciting new stuff out by then. I really hope you find a solution to this issue. Good luck!

Re: Bad Customer Service - Really didn't want to leave Verizon

Have them send you another Pre Plus, I have exchanged a few since Feb too. But finally got a Great Phone, Everything works. Also YOU DO NOT WANT AT&T, Stay as far away as possible from that. (Been there, Done that. ) You have 3 months till a new Phone, I would make due with a replacement Pre Plus.

Re: Bad Customer Service - Really didn't want to leave Verizon

My experience with VZW so far has been good. However, you certainly should switch to another carrier if you are unhappy with your service. That is the beauty of having choices in the matter. Unfortunately, they'll definitely stick you with that early termination fee.