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Can I keep my free hotspot with replacement Palm Pixi Plus?

I found this response (below) from customer service to a similar question . . . but my question is  a little different. I dropped my Palm Pixi Plus in the pool and it doesn't seem like it's going to revive (tried days of rice, etc.; everything except the touchscreen seems to work). If I purchase a Palm Pixi Plus from a private party and get my service transferred to it, will my free hotspot still be free, since I'm not changing models? The response below says new "activations" are not eligible. Would mine be considered a new activation?


I would be happy to answer your question about the free mobile hotspot feature for the the Palm Pre & Palm Pixi.
When the devices were first launched, we had a promotion that included hotspot for free.
New Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus activations  that launched on or after 07/07/2011 are not eligible for the promotion.

Tamara H.
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