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Centro doesn't ring :-(


I dropped my Centro yesterday and now it doesn't ring. It vibrates, however. I tried doing a hard reset, blowing compressed air through the headphone input jack and inserted/re-inserted the headphone jack to clear any debris but still no ring tone. All my prefs are on and my ringer button is on high. 


If I can't fix it I will have to succumb to buying a Pre 2, if I can even find one in a store (which I can't). Or go to the dark side and buy an iPhone.


Was wanting to hold out until the Pre 3 comes out in the summer (yeah, right HP...)

Re: Centro doesn't ring :-(

theres always ebay or craigslist. ive just bought a verizon centro off ebay for $10. first time playing with palmos. got my pre 2, and its wonderful. hopefully you get it figured out.


edit: the esn is prolly bad, which doesnt bother me as it will be wifi only. there are others for around $50 though.