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Entering Phone Numbers

I have a Palm Pre Plus.  Is there a way to enter phone numbers with extensions and for it to dial automatically?

I have about 30 people who all work for the same company which has one number and each co-worker has their own extension. 

Re: Entering Phone Numbers
To dial extensions, strings, or enter passwords for voicemails:

1. Create a contact or use an existing contact.
2. Create a new phone number entry
3. For a Hard Pause use "p" or for a 1 second pause use "t"

So this is how it would work;
this is phone number = xxx-xxx-xxxx
this is the password = yyyy

In the contact phone number it would be xxxxxxxxxxpyyyy

You can then assign it to a speed dial by selecting the contacts menu drop down>"Set Speed Dial" and choose your number to assign it to'

So, you dial press and hold your speed dial for 1 second, it dials and after it picks up you just press the "screen command' "dial yyyy" and it will enter your password.