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How do I get a louder ringer on my palm pre ?

I have a palm pre plus and the ring tones are so soft. There are none that I can hear. Volume is all the way up. It's the 1 thing I hate about this phone, well i hate the phone period but I am stuck with it for now. I have downloaded ringers and musical ring tones, it doesn't help. Got any ideas?

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Re: How do I get a louder ringer on my palm pre ?
Verizon Employee

Hi tatt2dmoon,


Perhaps you can adjust the ringer volume on your Palm Pre Plus for the incoming calls. Select the ringtone for incoming calls via the steps below. The ringtone you select here applies globally to all incoming calls. You can also set a unique ringtone for a contact (see Add a ringtone to a contact).


1 Open Sounds & Ringtones .

2 Tap the displayed ringtone to open the full list of tones.

3 (Optional) Tap to listen to the ringtone.

4 Tap the name of the ringtone to select it.

5 To set the Ringtone Volume, tap, hold, and drag the slider.


Also, here is a link for more device assistance:






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Re: How do I get a louder ringer on my palm pre ?

I have the same problem, but it's intermittent but without a pattern. Sometimes the ring is loud (I use "Older Phone") but sometimes I cannot hear it unless the phone is near my ear. Maybe the amplifier is defective? Someone on a forum with a voice volume problem said they took the Palm to a dealer and the phone was replaced because of a faulty speaker. I have no dealer near me.