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Is the Pre Plus worth it over a Pixi?

I am out of contract on my plan and rather than rush to upgrade and get into a new contract, I am going to wait for June and see what the iPhone 5 brings.  Maybe dual-core Android, who knows?


Anyway, my current phone is old and terrible, so I was looking into relatively inexpensive options to upgrade for the next few months since I am sick of this thing.  I can buy a Pixi Plus today for $55 or can troll around Ebay and find a Pre Plus for about $140. 


My question is whether or not the Pre is worth the extra money.  I like the Palm phones since they are significantly cheaper than buying a decent Android phone w/o contract and I can get a new phone rather than a used phone.  Plus the free mobile hotspot saves me the headache of using a workaround, and the homebrew world of WebOS seems strong.  Who knows, I might just ditch Apple and Google in June and get a WebOS device if I like it enough.


So any thoughts?  Generally I've got the impression the Pixi is a "weaker" model than the Pre, and while I prefer the slide out keyboard to the fixed keyboard, I am all for saving $90.  As far as use?  Actually making calls remains important to me, and other than that I'd probably look to use Pandora/Slacker at the office, and I like to use my phone as a shopping aid to check prices.  I am sure there are some WebOS apps for that. 

Re: Is the Pre Plus worth it over a Pixi?
Sr. Member
Sr. Member
While the Pixi Plus has a slower processor, smaller screen, and 2mp camera vs 3mp on the Pre, it's a great choice to try WebOS for a few months. It seems to have fewer build problems because of its lack of sliding parts, and the keyboard Is one of the best I've ever used. WebOS has great apps and is really visually appealing. If I weren't so dependent on BlackBerry, I would have a Pixi. Anyway, check out if you haven't already. But be aware you'll see a blog entry that there was a special yesterday for an off-contract Pixi Plus for $45!