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Looking to Upgrade from Treo 700P to Pre (**bleep**) Plus

I went to my local Verizon store to see about upgrading from my trusty and reliable Treo 700P to the Pre Plus. After having read numerous concerns about the Pre Plus I thought it was time to get my hands wet. What a cheep plastic **bleep** this thing is. Buttons are TOO small, and my hands are not that large. After numerous attempts of typing without double striking letters I finally gave up. The kid in sales then decided to tell me what a WONDERFULL technological marvel this phone was. I told him that in my short 54 years on this gods green earth with many of them in the computer industry I was completely disappointed. I had to remind him that I was programming while his mother was changing his dirty diaper so don’t patronize me. He went on to tell me that I had to break the keyboard in. HOW **bleep** IS THIS PERSON I WAS TALKING TO! That is like me, as your plumber, telling you that the toilet I just installed will quit leaking water down the drain after you flush it a couple hundred times to make the flapper seat properly. I bet you would call me the liar you know I am and send me on my way never to call me again. It would seem that Palm and everyone else are forgetting that there is a market for those of us, over 50 that have some specific needs and still like technology that works. Who in their right mind is willing to settle for a peace of plastic crap that scratches just to look at it, and has a working life of two years.  

I did ask the Stepford Husband at Verizon on Eureka Road, in Taylor Michigan if the phone was capable of working with Net Library as I do like my audio books. I should have brought an old style large grocery bag to collect the **bleep** looks I was now starting to collect. I never got an honest answer for that either. I asked if we could demo a phone and find out if that was possible. I asked about DRM protected Audio Books and more vapid looks followed. Finally he told me I would have to purchase the phone first, take it home and figure it out myself. But I did have thirty days of my time to waste when he could be more informed about what he was selling. Thank god for the Democratic Party. **bleep** like these need someone to tell them how to think and make decisions for them. When they are cornered with a question they do not know the answer to they dance better than Fred Astaire while Bull **bleep**ting all the while. I hope all that read this understand that intricate knowledge of a product one sells comes with a price. Obviously Verizon does not believe in educated sales persons. Training is a thing of the past at Verizon. Let the Buyer Beware. All those drones in the Verizon store want to do is make a quick sale and get you the hell out the door. I for one would rather pay a premium price for a product and have all my technical questions answered. I firmly believe that there is nothing wrong with “Sir, I don’t know the answer to that but if you will give me a day or two and I will find out for you”. No wonder so many young people get taken to the cleaners by contractors now days. They reap what they sew.



Re: Looking to Upgrade from Treo 700P to Pre (**bleep**) Plus

What did you finally decide to do on your phone upgrade?   


I have a treo 700 p and love it.  The only reason I want to upgrade is that I am concerned it will die on me one day, and then I will really be stuck.   I actively use the palm software - contacts, to do list, calendar, and memos  Every other phone that I have looked has features that I dislike compared to the treo.  For example, other to-do lists, don't allow you to attach "note details".  Or, they don't allow you to freely assign categories, they force you to assign a "due date" (why do I need a due date - I am retired, I will do it when I get round two it.  )


By the way, welcome to the world of **bleep** off old man!  I am 61, and just spent a half hour just trying to ask you a question. Even though I have a user id/password to my verizon account, apparently they require that you get a NEW user name/password to get onto the wirelesss community forum.  this of course is a 20 step process.  


the other part of being a **bleep** off old man is that EVERYONE stops making things that work - phones, pants, shoes, etc., and replaces them with (*beep) that does not work and costs way more.   You would think they could make tons of money simply cranking out tried and true products.