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Lost Contacts in Palm Treo Centro

HELP!  The week before Christmas, I accidentally shorted out my Palm Treo (water in the cup holder & fried the hot sync), but realized that all of my contacts were safe on Wireless Sync.  I knew that Wireless Sync was going away, but also knew that I had until 12/31/2010 to get my contacts saved.  When I got my new Droid the phone numbers could not be transferred because the TREO phone could not power up.  But safe in Wireless Sync...there they were.  I called Verizon  and asked for help to put them in a csv file that could be transferred later into my phone.  The agent said that although it was out of the job description, he knew how to do it and went in and converted my contacts to a csv file and sent them to me in an Excel file.  I was out of time (as it was Christams Eve and I was making dinner), and made arrangements to call him back on Tuesday when I had time to finish the import.  However, I did not check the file.  When I did have time, i went back in and noticed that it took all the names, but not the phone numbers...Bummer!  I called back immediately.  Unfortunately, no one told me that once I bought the Droid, my Wireless Sync services would only be good for 5 days...and on Tuesday when I called the agent back, the data was gone off the Wireless Network.  We called the company who Verizon contracts with and they said that this was a Verizon problem.  I talked to a higher up person at Verizon.  They said once it's gone, it's gone.  I really have a hard time beilieving that my 904 contacts are not sitting on a server or backed up on a tape somewhere.  I am happy to pay someone to look for this tape, download it, and send me back my contacts, but cannot get anyone who is willing to "think outside the box" and help me...any suggestions?  I'm a realtor and these contacts are my life!!!


Nope, I never synced up my TREO.  I thought the data was being backed up by Wireless BIG LESSON LEARNED!!!  But still, any ideas would be very helpful.

Re: Lost Contacts in Palm Treo Centro

Block off a weekend, lol.  Sorry to hear, I only have a few hundred.  But I don't use most of them.  If there is no way to get them automatically and you don't have them on another phone or an old copy from Backup Assistant or Palm then: Since the names are in your phone, that is a good start.  If it were me, I would fill them in as you make and receive calls.  You might not need a lot of them.  


In computer backup circles, there is a thing called "grandfather backup"--the backup to the backup; It is done the same way but on a less frequent basis.  So I use: 1) a second phone ($10/mo) or you can save them on a defunct phone and re-activate it anytime.  2)Backup assistant --I started this from a feature phone.  Even though I deactivated that phone, my data is still in backup assistant so I could restore it to a newly activated phone that uses this feature.  I don't know if I could restore it to a different line; but it is still there anyway.  3) I recently got the Pixi so my data is on Palm profile  4) I have the Pixi set to sync with gmail so I have a backup copy there.


Hope this helps and sorry about your loss.