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My E2 won't connect to Actiontec modem

My Tungsten E2 PDA will not connect to my GT704WGB wireless router/modem. My laptop connects to the modem fine. The E2 connects with a neighbor's NETGEAR modem, at&t wi-fi at Starbucks, and my parents' Verizon wireless modem of another model. The modem is mixed mode /b and /g, and the E2 uses the /b version, so there should be no problem there.


I've tried everything including turning off the modem, unplugging it, plugging it back in and rebooting, turning off the WEP, resetting the modem to the default settings, and more.


In another post in this forum regarding lack of connectivity of an Xbox with the GT704WGB, it was suggested that the DMZ Hosting and maybe the NAT settings under Security on the web page at be changed, and that fixed the problem. So maybe it has to do with the modem's security settings. Does anyone know what security settings on the modem need to be changed if any? Or is something else the problem? Thanks

Re: My E2 won't connect to Actiontec modem

I think there is a problem with the router's "mixed mode" (B & G combined).  I have the same situation where in mixed mode my "G" devices work fine but the "B" devices won't connect.


However, I found that by changing the router settings to "B only mode", then my "B" devices would connect.  So, that leads me to believe there is an issue with mixed mode operation in supporting "B" devices.   Maybe you could try switching your router to "B only mode" and confirm the same results.