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NFL Mobile

OK, since no one at Verizon will answer any of the dozen or so threads about this, I'll go ahead and start another one.


I was really hoping that part of the delay with getting WebOS 1.4.5 out to your customers was to incorporate the NFL Mobile application into the release. That obviously wasn't the case.


Since Verizon "Customer Service" is unwilling or incapable of answering a direct question, I'm formally asking for whoever is in charge of the NFL Mobile application to come to these boards and give us a definitive answer as to why NFL Mobile application is still not available on Palm Pre Plus and Pixi Plus.


I am willing to wait until the end of this week for an answer. I will then begin an email campaign to get an answer.


Understand, I am not asking "if" the application will be available. There is no reason for it to not be available already. The application existed on WebOS platform prior to Verizon acquiring the NFL contract so we already know that it can and has been done. Since Verizon has chosen to not provide the application to their Palm Pre and Pixi customers, this appears to be nothing more than a deliberate effort to push more of your customer base to Android and BlackBerry.


Prove me wrong; tell us why the application isn't already available to WebOS users. You must have someone on staff that can try to spin this in your favor. I doubt that it is possible, but I'll give you the chance.


1. Verizon has the rights to put the application on our Palm phones.

2. It is technologically possible to put the application on our phones.

3. Platforms that the application did not exist on prior to Verizon buying the NFL contract have had the application developed and released to their devices.

4. Verizon has made a concerted effort to provide the application to customers even if that effort included developing the application from scratch for that device.

5. Verizon has made no effort to provide the NFL Mobile application to their WebOS customers, NONE.

6. Any questions asked concerning the NFL Mobile application are answered with "we have no information on that at this time" or "When we have some information on that we will provide it". Both of which satisfy their requirement to answer every inquiry on the forums without actually answering the question.

7. I have never dealt with any organization that had a contract of the cost and magnitude of the NFL contract Verizon has without having a certified project manager in charge of the project tracking every facet of the project including release dates for applications, advertising, and deliverables in every market and demographic. For them to tell us they don't know if or when an application will be available on any particular platform is tantamount to lying.



I eagerly await your (non)response.

Re: NFL Mobile

....the silence is deafening....

Re: NFL Mobile
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Sr. Member

Since this is a peer forum, I think you'd have better luck emailing corporate from the Contact Us section.