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Palm Pixi Plus Phantom Touching

i've been reading online about how palms will just touch themselves all over the screen, obviously causing annoyance for the user. so my palm pixi plus from verizon was doing this same exact thing, erratically touching itself so i did a soft reset and now ALL OF A SUDDEN my touchscreen is completely and utterly unresponsive. it does nothing. it receives messages, emails, and the like but it will not let me unlock the screen to use it. this has only happened to me today, as of about 2 hours ago so i haven't gotten down to the verizon store yet, but to be honest i like my phone and don't want a new one. i have a palm touchstone, definitely not third party. i did get a new case for it, but i've had my case for weeks now with no problems. i can't even do anything with the screen and i'm kind of at wit's end. Help!

Re: Palm Pixi Plus Phantom Touching
Verizon Employee

I understand your frustration in this matter. Please try a soft reset of the device. If this does not work for you, please complete a master reset. Below I have listed the steps on how to perform these steps. Please let us know how this works for you. 



Soft Reset

  1. Remove Battery cover from back of device
  2. Remove the battery and wait 60 seconds
  3. Reinsert battery, device will soft restart

Warning: Do not remove battery during Over The Air or Software updates, it will cause damage to the device.


Master Reset


This setting erases all data from your phone, including your Google or other email account settings, system and application data and settings, and downloaded applications. It will not erase current system software and bundled applications, or files stored on an optional installed memory card, such as music or photos. For this reason, please make sure the data on your device is backed up.

  1. Tap and slide finger up on center gesture area
  2. Slide screen to the left twice
  3. Tap Device Info
  4. Tap and slide screen up to show Reset Options
  5. Tap Reset Options
  6. Select from the following Options: 
    1. Restart - Will restart device
    2. Shut down - Will power off device
    3. Partial Erase - Warning: Erases applications you installed and all application settings and data. Does not erase personal files stored on the USB Drive.
    4. Full Erase - Warning: Erases applications you installed and all application settings and data. Also erases personal files stored on the USB Drive.