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Palm Pixi Plus vs. HTC Droid Eris

Verizon BOGO phone vs. existing Droid Eris phone

My wife has a new Eris that she picked up in January. I am cashing in on my New Every Two discount at the end of March for a new Palm Pre Plus. Initially she was frustrated with the Eris not being able to get it to do what she wanted the way she wanted, but I think it might have just been growing pains for her being new to the OS and she is starting to warm up to it.

Neither of us have used a web OS phone before. Based on word of mouth, my own loyalty to Palm, and my time spent on various forums and sites and viewing the demo videos, I know that web OS is for me and I really think my wife would like it once she got used to it too. I also found a few web OS apps that we can probably both get use out of.

My question: If the BOGO (Buy One Get One) deal is still offered when I get my phone, anyone know if it would it be possible to order the PixiPlus for my wife’s existing phone number and then let her decide if she likes it or the Eris better and get rid of whichever she does not want? I think my understanding was they wouldn't just hand you a box of hardware without first setting up a new line on your account or tying it to an existing line on your account.

I'm trying to find a way for her to give the Pixi Plus phone and web OS a test drive and would like to take advantage of the BOGO offer to do that. But on the chance that she doesn't like the PixiPlus or web OS, I don't want to force her into it and have her upset with me when she doesn't like it. (Or have her jealous of my PrePlus).

Any idea? Can I do the BOGO and then later sell off whichever phone my wife decides to not keep?
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Re: Palm Pixi Plus vs. HTC Droid Eris
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All lines that take advantage of BOGO (Buy One, Get One) Offer must be a new activation or eligible for upgrade.

  • Existing customers must be eligible for standard and annual upgrades


Did your wife use her upgrade in January? In order for you to take advantage of a BOGO offer, both lines must have an upgrade available. However, there is always the option to add a new line and then you can take advantage of the BOGO offer.