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Palm Pre Plus outgoing email server for Time Warner (Road Runner)

I have set up my email using POP server with Road Runner (Time Warner).  I am receiving emails but can't send.  Today I called Verizon & Road Runner several times.  Each one points to the other. Can someone help me with the outgoing info??


Re: Palm Pre Plus outgoing email server for Time Warner (Road Runner)

Hi.  I understand you need help setting up your outgoing mail server and I will be happy to assist you from here.




Verify the ougoing server settings:  (Road Runner)

  • Outgoing mail server
  • Username
  • Password
  • Port number


Outgoing email settings 






Verify the Use Authentication setting.

  • On
  • Off






Verify the Encryption type:

  • None
  • SSL
  • TLS


Outgoing email settings 




Please let me know if this works for you.




Re: Palm Pre Plus outgoing email server for Time Warner (Road Runner)

Kim, I just got my Incredible and I am having this same problem. Verizon says its Rowad Runner problem and Road Runner says its verizons problem. Any help for me here. I had a Blackberry Storm and had no problems ineteracting with roadrunner.

Re: Palm Pre Plus outgoing email server for Time Warner (Road Runner)

I am having the same issue with my Palm Pre Plus.  My email is from my local cable company and I can recieve, but not send.  If I flip to using the WiFi, the email will send... and it's not just my WiFi from home, it's WiFi anywhere...


Any help would be appreciated to get the email to be able to be sent over the 3G network.

Re: Palm Pre Plus outgoing email server for Time Warner (Road Runner)

I am by know means an expert on this problem but here is what I found out a few months ago trying to figure out a fix for myself and my family. This problem is not limited to just Time Warner but a lot of cable companies from what I have researched. In a nut shell the problem has a couple of parts. First, "The Cable Company" does not want any device that does not subscribe to there service accessing there services. That is why your email will work when connected to your wifi which is through the cable company and not when connected through the cellular network. Secondly, Verizon or any other company could offer a "email server" that is somehow authorized to pass through those emails at that companies expense. To my knowledge Blackberry is the only company to do so and that is why the Blackberries will work and other phones will not. A couple of work a rounds I found, if you have a gmail account use it to send your email. Change the outgoing mail server in your setting to the gmail account and it works. What I ended up doing was to change my email over to gmail entirely and got rid of the problem that way. Plus now have wireless sync for contacts and several calendars as well. Hope this helps!