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Palm Pre Plus switch to I-phone contacts

 Palm Pre Plus exporting contacts to add to my Mac address book to sync to my new I-phone.

First off I purchased the markspace sync software to sync my Palm Pre phone to my computer, I was told this was the way to do this.  Once I purchased this I realized that you need to have WIFI for your computer which I didn’t and I had to purchase a USB WIFI adapter.  This is the only way to transfer contacts and calendar information via WIFI,  photos and music are by USB.   I was finally able to sync but to my surprise it didn’t do anything.  So I started to read the support information on the markspace web site and found out if all your phones contacts on the Palm Pre are in your “Palm Profile” account,  and they will not copy over to the markspace sync software.  The markspace software I added to the phone makes a new profile called “My Computer” and there no way to reassign my current contacts to this new account on my phone.

So I contacted and found out I could chat on the computer with them. So I went to and started a online chat with them.  I was told to connect to my Palm Pre Plus to the computer via USB cable and so I did so, once this dialog box showed on the phone screen,
pushed button on the phone to connect to USB.  

From here this is something that you will have to do for you type of computer.  You have to turn on hidden files on your computer to retrieve/view a file on the phone icon now on your desktop. There is a folder called .temp and in this folder is a file called PmMigration.vcf you will need to copy and paste this to your desk top.  

For a mac computer this is what I had to do:
Under utilities, there’s a program called Terminal that you can type in these two line codes to view hidden folders on your Mac computer or a disc. Drive.  

To show hidden files copy and paste, then hit enter:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles TRUE
killall Finder

To hid hidden files
copy and paste, then hit enter:
defaults write AppleShowAllFiles FALSE
killall Finder

From here I imported this PmMigration.vcf file into my google (gmail) account.  Then I exported the contacts as a
vCard format (for importing into Apple Address Book or another application)  This automatically opened my Mac address book and I imported all my contacts.  I tried at first to import the PmMigration.vcf file first but it wasn’t adding all the contacts that’s why I imported them to my gmail account first.

Now my I-phone syncs with my Mac computer updating my contacts from computer and to I-phone.