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Palm Pre issues

Well.. what a long, strange trip we've been on Verizon.  


Got my original Pre Plus from you in May 2009, and while the keyboard wasn't perfect, it was serviceable.  Fast forward to September, when two of the keys on the keyboard finally stopped working completely.  You were polite and helpful, and offered to send me out a new unit right away.  
My new Pre Plus arrived like a package from Santa.  Opened up, reactivated, and reloaded all my photos, wallpapers, ringtones, ect..  the new keyboard was flawless, like a proper keyboard should be.  Called a friend to ask how the reception was.. and found that the ear speaker was broken, could barely hear the other caller.   Once again, I called you and your rep was very helpful..  sent me out a refurbished phone overnight, along with an apology.
My third Pre arrived.. broken keyboard and broken charging door out of the box.
My fourth Pre arrived.. broken keyboard.
My fifth Pre arrived..  broken keyboard.   Your tech support rep actually told me to take it to the local corporate store for inspection.   Tech took one look at it and went in the back and just got me another Pre from a box. 
My current Pre is number six..  horrible reception.  In my home, where I previously had 5 bars of signal, I now fluctuate between 3 and 4.   The GPS is often 2-3 miles off.    Called tech support a bit ago and your supervisor told me that your warranty agreement with Palm prevents you from offering me any other phone than another Palm.   You offered me a Pixi, but told me that i'd have to buy a back and battery for it separately.  Seriously?!?
Pre number seven is on the way.  
At this point.. i'm simply at a loss.  I keep hoping that i'm getting lucky #7 Pre, but i've lost the faith.  
*exasperated sigh*
Anyone have any suggestions at this point?


Re: Palm Pre issues

Well.. I received Palm Pre #7, and the period key does not work.  (another defective keyboard)