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Palm Pree Only works on Speaker Mode

My phone will not allow me to hear my phone calls unless I have my headset plugged in or I answer in speaker mode.  This happened in the past with phones and Verizon replaced the phone the last THREE times this happened.  Rather than simply accept another phone,going through the hassles of going to the store, having a new phone reset, resetting all my information, etc, etc, I went onlike to see if there were others who had this problem, and sure enough, this is an ongoing issue with the Palm Pre with various "solutions" posed by Sprint and Verizon users.  What is the issue with the phone and is there a solution that will make this go away.  If it has happened 3 times to me in the last 6 months, it will happen again.  This is just not fair.  I don't want to get another Palm Pre if this is gonna keep happening.

Re: Palm Pree Only works on Speaker Mode
this is unfortunately a common problem with a relatively easy fix. Just grab some headphones and just put in and remove the headphone jack a few times. What happens is the jack mechanism gets stuck, so it stil thinks your headphones are connected. Also try getting a cotton swab and clean out the port with alcahol or ellectronics cleaner. It's annoying but not too difficult to fix.