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Palm Treo

Love my Treo, had Treos for over 5 years.  I am very disapointed that I Verizon does not offer the Treo anymore that sinx up to the PC so I can dowload my e mail addresss, phone number and addresss.  I do not need to pay $30.00 just so I can have a the balckberry or droid so that I can dowload the phone numbers and calendar.  The last Treo I bought I had the option of not getting the $30.00 a month internet access.  Now that I want another phone, I have to pay the $30.00 just to get the one feature I want.  I am dissapointed in Verizon that they cannot offer a phone like a Treo without the$30.00 a month charge.  That is were you ripe off the customer.  I will pay the $10.00 a month to access the web but not the $30.00.   I am keepin my treo since I am grandgather in until it dies.  Then I hopefully will find a palm phone without the $30.00 charger.   I will keep looking.  Maybe if enough customesr get tired of paying the $30.00 cost that do not need all the internet options and demand basic smart phone options, Verizon may listen.

Re: Palm Treo

No carrier sells new Treo's because Palm canceled the Treo line and went to the Pixi and Pre lines w/WebOS.  The reason the data plans are in place is because phones now can do OTA download of upgraded Operating Systems, which if you have an Android phone is a must (no way to download it to your computer).