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Palm as we know it, is gone. Indefinitely.

Okay everyone, here's the rundown on Palm devices. Before I start, I want to say that I owned a Palm Pre+ and loved WebOS more than any other operating system out there. So believe me, what im about to say doesnt necessarily make me happy. Its somewhat old news, but many people are out of touch with the tech communtiy, so Ive decided to share a bit of my knoledge with you all.

Heres the Deal, many of you probably own palm devices, whether they run PalmOS or WebOS. However Palm as a company never had alot of market share in the smartphone industry. Their devices were loved by many, and I refuse to get rid of my Palm Pre+. So Palm, running low on the necessary funds to run themselves as a company, put themselves up for sale. Many people dipped into a potential purchase including HTC and HP (How cool would it be to have HTC devices running the same OS as the Palm Pixi and Pre's? AKA WebOS), but at the end of the day, HP purchased Palm. Myself being a fan, was very exited at the news of the buyout. HP even planned new devices for Palm (Google HP TouchPad, HP Pre3) however, after a few months into the purchase, HP axed the Palm/WebOS Division completely and announced they would not be releasing anymore Palm hardware.

So in a nutshell, as bad as it hurts me to say, do not purchase Palm devices. They no longer have the proper developer support. What this means is that you will likely rarely find any new apps in the Palm App Store. It means that there will be no updates to your devices, so If you are having problems with the software running on there and had hopes that a software update from Palm or HP would fix the whole thing, you can kiss hat hope goodbye. And lastly it means that your Palm device is now an endangered species. If you like your device, take care of it. You'd be lucky to get a replacement even if you have insurance on your device. This also means that you can give up any hope of upgrading to another Palm device.

I still have my Palm Pre+, but have since upgraded to an iPhone 4S. I'd advise everyone reading this with a Palm Device to switch to either an iOS or Android device. I would not suggest Blackberry, as in my educated opinion, they are next so fall to the axe of the industry. If I recall correctly, many of their executives are leaving the company. Same thing with palm. Many of their recently laid off employees have left HP and are going to Google and Apple to work. And lastly, Windows Phone. Windows has some of the most experience in the smartphone industry, and thanks to Windows being such a huge company, I dont see them going under anytime soon. I personally would buy a Black Lumia 900 if it was available on Verizon and had the proper developer support. Windows Phone has one of the best operating systems out there in my opinion. The MetroUI is a pleasant change to the boring icons you find on Android and iDevices. But when it comes down to it, Windows Phone doesn't yet have as many apps as Android and iOS, and a smartphone without apps is really just a phone that texts and browses the web. Should Windows Phone get more support, and become a bigger competitor, I'd suggest going with them. As a matter of fact, you could probably pick up a Windows phone today, and not feel the sting of not having as many apps. I personally am just not a fan of the Windows Phone devices that are out right now, at least not for Verizon.

So everyone, upgrade when you can. Some say there is still hope for WebOS and when and if that day comes, I'll be happy. But until then, folks, I'd advise you all to move to either Windows Phone, iPhone (iOS), or Android. 

Re: Palm as we know it, is gone. Indefinitely.

Thank you for this clear post; I'm shocked they are still selling what is a doomed device.   I had a Palm PDA way back and have followed along with all the upgrades, mourning the gradual loss of function as they tried to morph a great productivity device into a smart phone.  I liked WebOS too, but the Droid I just bought to replace my Pre will be fine.  I keep my Palm Treo for old times' sake, running a couple of beloved apps I use around the house and serving as a calculator.  Best of all, it only needs to be charged about once a month!  thanks again.