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Sync problem -- To Do and Notes

I am using Google Mail, Calendar, and Tasks.

The PrePlus synchs beautifully with the Calendar and Contacts .... but not at all with Tasks.


Anybody got any solutions?




Re: Sync problem -- To Do and Notes

Hi Dave,


After realizing the Tasks App provided with the Plam Pre Plus did not sync, and working my way through getting RTFM beta to work with, I went back and revisited Google Tasks.


It certainly isn't a "solution" to the sync thing, but you can satisfactorily "access" your google tasks via your Palm's web browser.  Try opening it, logging into your google account with it, then navigate to tasks.  I just did this last night and was surprised with how well it displayed.


Google is continuing to tweak stuff rapidly and can "sense" you are looking at stuff with a mobile web browser and create appropriate displays in a lot of cases.  I will be *very* greatful when we can use google docs the same way and not have to "work around" the current lack of a mobile office package for the Palm Pre Plus.


Hope this helps,


Re: Sync problem -- To Do and Notes

Thanks, Dave.

It does help.

But combined with the GPS problem, I think I'm going to return this thing.

I'm spending way too much time trying to get this thing to work smoothly.

It's starting to detract from business, not make me more productive.

I just might stick with my flip phone and the old Tungsten e2.

I really was hoping for a total package of phone and PDA.