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Text messaging

I've only had the palm pre plus for about a week not sure if this is a dumb question or not.

I want to know how to have a specific ringtone for when a certain person text me.

I know how to set them up with a specific ringtone for when they call but not text.


Is this possible? -- when buying the phone the man told me you could.

Do I need to download an app or something to make it possible?



pls help!

Re: Text messaging

When establishing ringtones for your contacts, if your phone has this feature, then it would automatically play that ringtone when that person sends you a message. If your phone is not doing this, then this phone may not have that feature. In the user manual it does not indicate that your phone is capable of having ringtones for different contacts when they send a message to you. Also there is no way to determine if there is an application that will give you access to do this.

Re: Text messaging

For the original poster, it most certainly isn't a dumb question - rather it is a highly requested function on the palm site!  There is an active patch being worked on over on called "SMS Tone per Contact 2" that I have just installed on my phone via "PreWare" - such a thing should eventually be available via the Palm Catalog. It adds a "Set a messaging tone" option to each contact in your contacts list... (I want to make certain it doesn't foul up my auto sync with my google contacts list).


Meanwhile, assuming your WebOS is current on your phone, you can change the Alert to a Ringtone by opening the Messaging app - tap on the upper left menu - look at "Preferences & Account" - tap on system sound to change it from the standard alert to a ringtone.. Unfortunately, that doesn't make it "Per Contact" but you can at least change it.


Edited: There may already be an "App" for that in the Catalog that I am unaware of.  So much has been added so fast to the catalog I am having a difficult time finding anything definitive using the built in "Search" function.  If any of the more experienced users on here know of one, please chip in with it for both me and the op.  Thx. -=dave=-