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Thank you Verizon!

I'm an old Verizon customer (can you say PrimeCo) and an old Palm user. 


I've read on the Internet that Verizon may drop the new Palm devices. 


I LOVE my Verizon service!   I LOVE my Palm Pre Plus.  


I wish Verizon had more Palm Pre accessories in their stores like the touchstone, car charger, cable, etc. – this forces me to go to the Internet to purchase them instead of a Verizon store.


Thank you again Verizon!


Re: Thank you Verizon!

Same here - but in my area (San Diego) it was AirTouch Cellular after PacTel Cellular spun it off back in early '94. :smileyhappy:


I have not been a *constant* customer since that time, but very close to it.  My first Plam PDA was an m130. Loved the way in synced with my original version of Palm Desktop.


While I have had the occasional "disappointment" with an individual AirTouch/Verizon employee, (few and far between), overall I have been a very happy camper!


Let me join you in saying "Thank You Verizon" - and keep up the good work.


Looking forward to the soon-to-be-released WebOS 1.4.1 (understand there is a release candidate out now for testing), but 1.4 is good enough that I can be patient. :smileywink:

Re: Thank you Verizon!

ya here in colorado it was airthouch as well and i have been really satisfied over the last 16 years or so with everything -- 2 things come to mind however 1) motorola V710 -- bluetooth , had to have it -- completley locked down nd useless -- 2) no 1.4.1 update what gives ? why does sprint send this out on 3/31 but here we are still waiting -- come on


and oh yeah thanks verizon