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Treo 700W Wifi SD Card

I bought a Spectec SD Wifi card for the Treo 700W that I've had for years, currently I use a Samsung Alias 2. The reason being that I want to use my Treo as a PDA with the Wifi card. And it works great, the thing is that I have to be synced to my computer or else I get an error stating that my phone must be turned on. And the wifi wont connect at all.

Is there any way to get around this?


Re: Treo 700W Wifi SD Card

I also have a Treo700wx on the MS Pro 6.0 OS; I've always wanted my phone to have GPS capabilities, but some how I must have dropped the ball somewhere along the game field.

Would you be so kind to direct me where I can have this on my phone too.