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Why Unlimited Corporate Email & Web

Yesterday I activated a Palm Pre Plus(purchased elsewhere) to replace an old Envy and just noticed that the rep put me on the Unlimited Corporate Email & Web @ $44.99 monthly.

Why would a Gmail user want or need that plan? I tried to change to the 29.99 Unlimited Email & WebPack but I get a message to call customer care AND it states that if I make this change I will loose my new every two. I am ~6 months out of contract and waiting for 4G service until I get new equipment and go back under contract. 


Re: Why Unlimited Corporate Email & Web

Call customer service or log into your myverizon account and change it to the regular $29.99 data package.  It was probably a glitch with their system.

Re: Why Unlimited Corporate Email & Web
Sr. Member
Sr. Member

As the previous poster said, you can have the $30 data package. Call customer service to change it, to make sure nothing changes with your NE2 and contract dates. On a side note though, the NE2 credit supposedly expires six months after first eligible, so are  you sure you can hold onto that?