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battery life issue and weird icon on new Samsung Haven

activated a samsung haven for my father as part of my plan.  I have noticed that on standby, no calls at all, the phone drains the battery in less than 24hrs.  I have already had verizon replace w a new battery last week and it still happens.  Anyone w an idea of what may be happening.


second on the outside screen as well as the inside main screen an icon appears that i cannot find i the users manual. it is a symbol of the phone next to it is universal no symbol, a circle w a slash through it.  i can make and recive calls and i know i have service...any idea of what that symbol means



Re: battery life issue and weird icon on new Samsung Haven
Verizon Employee



I could only imagine how frustrated your father would be when his phone doesn't keep an expected battery charge!  I would be happy to assist you with getting this resolved.


I see you mentioned the battery has already been replaced.  It may be something going on with the phone that's causing it not to keep a charge.  I would like to ask you a few more troubleshooting questions to ensure I resolve this for you, once and for all.  I will message you directly, and if you would like just reply with the requested information.  We can also see what the "mystery" icon is for as well.

Re: battery life issue and weird icon on new Samsung Haven

Anthony (or anyone else monitoring this thread):


So, what was the outcome of the troubleshooting session with "windycity"?


I don't have a problem with a mysterious icon; however, the anemic battery issue is exactly as windycity described: new charged-up Samsung Haven phone is on; no calls in or out; no text messages either; however, in slightly less than 24 hours, the Haven goes from having a fully-charged battery to one that's dead, or just about.


Like windycity, I bought this simple phone for my father, who just wants a phone he can make voice calls with, nothing more.

However, the sad peformance of this phone+battery has not helped me in my campaign to at least get him to dip his toes into the digital stream -- in fact, he wants me to take it back and cancel the plan!


I'd really rather not do that, but we'll need some kind of resolution to this problem first.