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My phone had lot of problem, screen freeze, call drops, I would not be able to make a call, automatic call previous number I have dialed, call my voice mail, slow internet, slow loading page, wrong direction on google map. These problems became severe with time.  I got the palm pixi on Dec 2010.  First phone volume switch and screen would not work, so this was my second phone.  Initally it was ok but with time the service got worst.  I alsways thought its the verizon crapy service and calling coustmer service is a hit and miss.  I have spoke to some nice one and then the bad one.  And always if I tried to complain about the bad one the manager would defend it.  Its sad as I would like the good honest coustmer service rep to be appricated but it is just that I would sit on the phone for hours with them and get nothing out of it.

Now during Jan feb I was also getting junk text, which will repeat itself.  I called verizon and they reset the phone several time and the service got better.  It also use to dial itself. 

Now last month all the above problems got much worst.  I was going to write my brother a text and I notice the feed to my brother was completly gone from my phone.   So I try to start a new text message for him but all his information was vanish from my phone.  Now I have set my phone with google.  I did have all my brother information active in google. So it was my phone that was just deleting information on its own.  I called verizon tech support, and first I had a problem with the coustmer service as they would not believe me, either way after an hour did get to the tech support.  Verizon does not let you go directly to tech support if you are dialing from the trouble phone and it instruct you to call from alternative phone so they can trouble shoot the phone.  The tech never heard the problem I had with my phone and instructed me to go to the verizon corporate store.  Now on the internet it show that certain store have tech avalible, but thats not true.  Infact verizon got rid of the technician in site in my area  about a year ago.  I obviously called several store near my home and explain them my ph saga and try to talk to the manager to tell them that the website is falsly advertisment.  I went to the store that kept the phone for an hour and then told me they will be ordering me another phone.  The way my phone was acting it felt like it was hacked.  Like someone sent a virus to your computer.  I don't think the problem is solved from issuing me another phone.  I am still in my first year warranty.  Now I have the contract for 2 yrs. I really don't see why I should pay more for phone insuarance.  I really think verizon is very expensive with crappy phone serivce and crappy devices for just managing a billing company  Known of the managment at verizon have invented the phone or the program that run them   Most of the invention was done  by genious on the internet for free.  Now these stupids manager want to control the technolgy to extort money from we common. 

Either way.  It would be nice to know if verizon can do something to fix the phone problems.

Now i just recieve my new phone yesterday and I do not have any problem which I had with my last phone but I am thinking with time this phone will also act like the last phone.

I would like to see if someone else had this problem or have a solution.