Backup my TunderBolt

I just got my Thunderbolt and loving it.  Having trouble installing desktop software to backup my ThunderBolt.  Download the SYNC software from HTC site and start installiation.  It stops and keep asking for a Driver file. 


Can anyone help on getting my phone backup?



Re: Backup my TunderBolt
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I may not be clear about what you're asking, but I'll mention 2 things.


1. On the phone, go to settings/Privacy and make sure you have Back up my settings and Automatic restore checked.


2. Regarding desktop software. If you're referring to an app to do backups, I use My Backup. It's an excellent backup program for non-rooted phones. I used it recently before doing a factory reset and it restored my phone back to the way it was before the reset. I did still have to redo all of the settings I had before, but all of the apps were back in the same spots as before the reset.


The Pro version is about $5.00, but there is a 30 day trial version to try before you buy.


Hope this helps and was what you were asking.