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Calls cutting out, then back in, then out....

I have been having trouble for a few months now with calls cutting out, then going back in, then going back makes for very frustrating phone calls. It doesn't happen all the time. It's totally random. It seems, though, that if it starts to cut out in one phone call, it'll keep cutting out on that call until I hang up and call back. And even then it doesn't fix it. It's not when I'm roaming (or even moving...sometimes it'll happen if I'm just sitting in one place), it's not when I'm talking to one person in particular, and it's very unpredictable. The person I'm talking to will just randomly start saying "Hello? Hello? Are you there?" and they can't hear me saying "Yes!" back at them. I can hear them the whole time, even though they can't hear me. Then, randomly, they'll be able to hear me, and it'll be okay for a bit. I talked to a Verizon rep on the phone recently about this and she recommended calling #228 (or something like that?) and updating. I did that, but it didn't do anything for this problem.

Any ideas? I like this phone overall, and don't really want to get a different one. I am not due for an upgrade until a year from now anyway.

Thank you!


Re: Calls cutting out, then back in, then out....

Hi Angela,

Me personally, I think it is a software issue.

My wife has a Rhyme with same issue you describe. As long as she is in a strong cell area, great phone. Once she gets on the fringe, it's anybodies guess.

I say I think it is a software issue because she has had three of these phones and they all behave the same way. My Droid Razr Maxx had the same issue (and some others that were the same on the Ryhme) that cleared up completely when I got the upgrade to ICS. Where we live is a fringe area for 4g and my phone is on 3g more than 4g and now comes in clear as a bell where hers is still flakey. She also still has a Autorotate and proximity to the face issue that I had on my Razr Maxx that cleared up with ICS. The upgrade to ICS for the Rhyme was promised for almost a year ago and still hasn't happened. I think the phone and software people have determined it's not economically feasible for them to continue work on this phone since it's a 3g device. Just my opinion.

Re: Calls cutting out, then back in, then out....
Customer Support

Hey there angelalee3,

I am sorry to hear of the issues you are having with your HTC Rhyme. I'm glad to hear that you love the phone and I want that loving relationship to continue.

What zip code are you in? Do the issues primarily occur indoors or outdoors as well? Does it affect data?

Please provide additional details so I can continue to assist.

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