Customer Support--AWFUL!!!

I have the HTC rezound which I very much enjoyed....until it gave up on me.  I'm on my fourth phone and my fifth is currently in the mail.  Some customer support representatives have been amazing BUT most have been down right rude and unhelpful.  They dont take any notes so when something was promised to me, they have no proof of that ( i was told i was allowed to switch to the droid incredible 4 lte because i had so many replacements).  The second replacement phone they sent me wouldnt even recognize the charger, the rep at the store wouldnt even take my information.  He somehow got it to charge to 73% and said there was nothing else he could do and sent me on my way.  What am I supposed to do with a non rechargeable smart phone on 3/4 battery? Come back the next day to charge it? I am so outraged by the lack of concern from verizon.  If the phone they are sending me now, gives me any issues I'm cancelling my line right away. I would be more understanding if they were nice or even pretended to care.  Im a full time student and work 40+ hours a week.  I dont have HOURS to spend on the phone or in the stores listening to how they cant/ dont want to help me.  I am totally and completely unsatisfied with customer support at verizon as a whole.