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Hi, I've been reading reviews about the battery issues for the thunderbolt. I really want to get one next month, but there is a great concern about the horrible battery life. Does the thunderbolt really have a horrible battery? Or are those just bad reviews.


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We've had various feedback regarding the battery life. Some users report normal battery usage while others report that they get very little battery usage. But we do have an open investigation for those having issues with the battery life. 


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The Thunderbolt is by far the best android phone I have used.  Does it have issues.... yes.  But honestly all android phones have issues, and I have had several androids.  Battery wise its actually better than most I have used.  I am what one would consider a Power user.  I use my phone constantly. I do have to recharge daily but I work in a place its easy to plug it in. 


What I can tell you about the battery, get used to chargers unless you buy the extended one which I'm in search of.  You can "tweak" the phone to allow you to use it longer.  I have a problem with downgrading features so that I get more battery life.   Why buy the phone if you are just going to turn off all the cool features? 


My advice for battery usage.   If you aren't in 4g turn it off, turn your display down to about 30% and have at it.  Reboot your phone once a day to shut off apps that are running in the background until they fix that undocumented feature. 


As much as android users complain about battery life there are many of us who just know it comes with the territory of having a smartphone with a big pretty screen and lots of power. 


Just my opinons milage may vary.




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Turning to only 3g is a void of the terms and conditions as well as there blocking switch apps. I would say that because I had it when tech support could now lm not allowed.

I keep mine on power save mode after 30%. Dim background sleep after 3o second. Use application manager. If it becomes different later call and get a replacement. I did and it gave me better everything u can imagine. The new update will help.