Earpiece Buzzing/Rattling
Enthusiast - Level 2

I am on my 4th Thunderbolt "Like New" replacement in 2 weeks due to the New Breed Corporation sending me defective "Like New" refurbishments.  The earpiece on the one I have now rattles and buzzes when someone is talking to me.  It is very annoying and sometimes gets so bad that I cannot understand what the other person is saying.  It sounds as if the speaker is busted or if there is something loose within or around the earpiece.

I took my phone into my local Verizon Corporate store and the associate seemed to be put off that I was there and said that 'There looks to be an update to your software next week and this should take care of this issue' and that this is the 'first' they have heard of this issue.  How can a SOFTWARE update fix a HARDWARE problem?  I am on my last leg and am considering a change to another phone carrier if I can't get a good phone that works from Verizon.

Any ideas on what may be the cause of this rattling, or how to proceed with Verizon further?