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Exchange email delete

When I delete my email from the phone it deletes from the server. Under Exchange there is no option to (yes or no) delete from server as the is on POP accounts. Anyone out there know how to delete email from phone and remain on the server. ??

Re: Exchange email delete

Exchange doesn't work that way.  In Exchange Mode, the emails, calendars and contacts reside on the server and your clients (Desktop using outlook, phone, ipads...etc) connect to the server to find those items.  You change something on the phone, like a calendar appointment, and it shows up on the other cleints instantaniously.  All the cleints are polling the same database on the server in real time.  No more need to connect the phone by USB to the desktop and sync them.  They all share the same data.  If you delete an email from the phone, it also deletes it from the desktop (because it really is deleting it from the server...and again...all the clients share that same data).


If you want items deleted after a certian number of days or a certian number of messages, you can set that policy on the server (use outlook cleint to set the settings or use the server's management console to set the policy gloablly).


Or you can just long hold the item in the phone's display and then chose delete.


Outlook, when set to use Exchange Mode, will keep a copy of the server's data on the local desktop in a file called Off-Line Folder.  It is just a copy of what is on the server used when you are not able to connect to the server (no internet connection) which allows you to create an email and then send it once you get a connection.  This can also be used as an archeive in case the server crashes but it is not reliable and should not be your sole source of backup.


Now...if your desktop is in POP3/SMTP mode you can have it delete the items from the server after downloaded.  If you do that then the next time your phone syncs it will see an empty database.  If you are running around town at lunch time and you leave your outlook client open on the desktop...each time the outlook client downloads the email it deletes it from the server and you never see it on the phone except for the off chance that you check your phone before the desktop's Outlook client checks for mail.  Seems kind of frustrating to me.


Hope some of that clears this up for you.