I got the Thunderbolt in June 2011 and almost zero problems until lately. My phone quit being able to hold a charge (i.e. the orange light would be on when it was plugged in, but the battery actually wasn't receiving any juice) So once the battery finally turned off it became a very nice paperweight. So I took it into the store and since I had insurance, they sent me a refurbished one. Once I had the new one in my hands, I learned that half of the screen's touch sensors didn't work. So I took THAT one in and they sent me ANOTHER refurbished one, which worked great for a whole week, and then started having the same battery/charging problems as my original one. So once again I'm left with a very lovely paperweight. I went into Verizon AGAIN and they're once again sending me ANOTHER "refurbished' phone that won't arrive until the middle of next week. Thrilling. The lady at the Verizon store yesterday just blankly stared at me when I expressed my frustration about this whole situation. Is anyone else experiencing similar problems with their Thunderbolt or the "refurbished" phones they're sent as warranty replacements??? And does anyone know of a wireless way to recharge this phone til I get a new one? I have a powermat, but googling tells me they don't make a battery cover for thunderbolts, and I've ordered an external battery charger from amazon but that won't arrive until next week either. Ha I feel silly posting this since it is is such a first world problem but it's frustrating!