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Frustrated with the lack of Support and Attention to the Thunderbolt

I was under the impression when I upgraded to the TB, that it was/is the "Flagship" for 4g Android phones (at least it was back in March).  Unfortunately, that's not the case and I should of kept my Droid X a little longer. 


Although the Droid X is not 4g, the device now has Gingerbread and seems to be getting a lot more attention from Verizon, then the TB..      


I marked this down as lessons learned.

Re: Frustrated with the lack of Support and Attention to the Thunderbolt

The DX is a great device even by todays standards. Anything that is as solid as the DX that has the latest OS is a keeper in my book. I to did the exact same thing and " upgraded " to the Thunderbolt but quickly regretted that choice. I got the TB the day it was available and figured I'd deal with some issues. I even went as far as Emailing HTC and calling VZW on a regular basis whenever I had an issue they might want to be made aware of but that got me no where. Then the update came out and that seem to add even more issues. So I threw in the towel and got the Droid Charge as a replacement for the Thunderbolt. I don't email HTC I have called VZW a couple times and that's it. Sure it's a Samsung and it might never get an OS update but for now it's a actual upgrade as apposed to the Thunderbolt.